Unforeseen Items

January 13, 2012

Here are few pictures of items discovered during deconstruction that were unexpected.

Chimney hidden behind the kitchen.  When measurements were taken to draw up the as-built plan we were wondering what this “dead” space was.  It was unaccessible earlier because the water heater was strapped on to the little “ironing board” door.  The bricks were removed and stashed on the side for re-use.

Rot on skip sheathing and rim joists.  These were on both east and west sides of the house.  Why did these appear on east and west sides only and not on north-south sides?  Well, these rots appeared below windows so very likely the windows leaked and the water traveled diagonally down the skip sheathing.  It didn’t occur on the north side of the house because it’s protected with the porch and on the south side of the house the roof overhang probably protected the windows from the rain more.  The highest point on the roof corresponded to the east and west sides so the windows were more exposed to the rain.  

Rot behind the concrete stairs.  These were found on the south door and the west (mudroom) door.  Concrete wicks water so anytime concrete comes in contact with wood it can damage wood.

Mudsill not attached to skip sheathing.  You can see that in the first picture below that the sheatinga nd mudsill are flush.  In the second picture you’ll see that the Mudsill was trimmed by 3/4″ so that the new sheathing can be attached to the mudsill.

About the Author

Chie Kawahara

Chie is one of the co-creator of Midori Haus. When she is not sharing her stories of transforming an old house and giving tours, she enjoys trail running and hiking.

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