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Updated Telephone Lines

The above photo was taken after the service person from AT&T replaced the telephone line from the telephone pole to the house.  He came out to investigate if there were any infrastructure problems that would cause the voice on our landline to be really faint.  Kurt, who prefers landline over cell phone, got tired of people telling him that they can't hear him.  He hears the other party just fine.  It's frustrating because it's an intermittent problem that is hard to pinpoint the cause.

The service person did not find anything "wrong" when he inspected the connections but he did notice the telephone line to the house was old.  He said it looked like it was about 70-years old and decided the ancient 2-wire telephone line wrapped in fabric material should be replaced with the standard 4-wire line.  He split the wire for me when I asked to take a photo and you can see the frayed fabric holding the 2 rusty-looking wires together.

While we upgraded the electrical panel and replaced the sewer and water pipes during our 2012 remodel, we seem to have overlooked the telephone line.  Lesson learned:  Upgrade all of the infrastructure when remodeling an old house.  Hopefully this will improve the quality of telephone conversations over our landline.

Replacing Line From The Telephone Pole

Old Wire and New Wire

4 Wires Inside The New Telephone Line