Why We Chose Passive House

October 30, 2015

When we bought the 88-year old bungalow in 2010 we didn't know about Passive House. Up until then the idea of "Let's do a green remodel that reflects our sustainability values" had driven our decision to buy an old house in the perfect state of deferred maintenance. Up until then our idea of green home had been focused on choosing sustainable materials and installing solar panels. Nobody we talked to seemed to be focused on the actual performance of the house.

We stumbled across Passive House in March of 2010 through a casual conversation. At first it didn't seem remarkable. We thought it was a type of passive solar home. We didn't quite get it because we didn't know the difference between site energy and source energy. Nor did we appreciate the fact that energy not used onsite is better than renewable energy produced onsite. It was before tools like this video that explains passive house in 90 seconds was out on YouTube.

It took a formal presentation that showed Passive House was based on solid building science and had an amazing track record before the light bulbs went off. We finally "got it"at the Passive House workshop in September 2010, six months after we first heard about Passive House. The case studies shared at the conference sealed the deal. You know that marketing saying about how a prospect needs to hear it 7 times before they take action? It was true for us. We needed to hear the message more than once before we got it. 

Once we got our head wrapped around the Passive House concept of how it could save lots of energy  we were delighted to discover the icing on the cake - healthy indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Now we could see that Passive House would be our secret sauce for our green remodel. We got excited about transforming our old house from energy obese to energy svelte! We loved the idea of an old house with the look and feel of early 20th century architecture having the performance that far exceeds most new construction today. 

Having lived in a Passive House for over 2 years I'm appreciating ​another benefit I've not thought about before:  I don't have to actively do things. Unlike taking out the recycling bin to the curve every week or consciously driving at a speed that optimizes fuel efficiency, I don't have to actively do things to make Passive House work. It goes on saving energy day after day.

Here's an opportunity for you to "get" Passive House. This November you can learn about Passive House at the Building Carbon Zero California conference on November 13, 2015. Perhaps you'll find Passive House to be the essential first step towards your Net Zero Energy home. It's even better when you can tour many Passive House buildings in Palo Alto on November 14, 2015 to feel the comfort.​ Also, we invite you to see our 93-year-old house performing beautifully as a Passive House on November 15, 2015. 

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About the Author

Chie Kawahara

Chie is one of the co-creator of Midori Haus. When she is not sharing her stories of transforming an old house and giving tours, she enjoys trail running and hiking.

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