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November 2018 Tour (International Passive House Days)

Date: November 10, 2018 (Saturday)

Time:  1:00 P.M.

Address:  135 Van Ness Ave., Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Our neighbors will we appreciate it if you would bicycle, walk, or carpool. If you do drive, please park away from our street.

There are five segments in the Guided Tour:

1:15 P.M. Why we chose this international building standard

1:45 P.M. Why we don’t have a furnace and how the house stays comfortable

2:15 P.M. Kitchen – what worked, what doesn’t

2:45 P.M. Solar Thermal system

3:00 P.M. Rainwater system

The five benefits of attending a tour at Midori Haus are:

1. See things in operation: unlike a showroom, the induction cooktop, heat recovery ventilator, and the solar thermal system have been in use everyday for over 5 years

2. Feel the air temperature and humidity: your skin will tell you if the indoor air is within your comfort range

3. Smell the air: the air circulated inside the house has been scrubbed through a charcoal filter and a MERV 13 filter

4. Listen to the quiet: Highway 1 (Mission Street) is only half a block away, but can you hear it inside the house?

5. Ask questions to the homeowners: What worked and what didn’t? Why did they choose the systems and materials? Is the energy performance keeping up?

This tour is perfect for you if you are...

  • Homeowner gathering ideas for your green home project
  • Architect, contractor, or home energy consultant looking for a performance-based approach toward net zero energy home
  • Environmental studies student looking for case studies for a school project

Midori Haus Tours (2018 Dates)

  • November 10 (Sat) International Passive House Days

Shirley Homeowner

First, I would just like to make a general statement . . . I also live in a house built in the 1920's. I really appreciated that, while going "green" with your remodel, you maintained the style and character of your home. And that you also kept original cabinetry within the home.

I thought you gave a great tour. Your graphs were helpful in understanding just how improved your energy savings were. The analogies you used to help us understand other features were very helpful.

Although I was aware of some features that provide energy efficiency such as dual or triple paned windows, I was not aware of other products you described. I was also impressed to learn of the "paper" counters.

I found the water storage tank in your back yard and how the rain water will be used very interesting. I loved that you showed us how the valves worked on the toilet to change the source of the flushing water.

I cannot think of anything that you could improve upon. It was a great tour and I learned a lot!!

Past Events

Setember 5, 2018  Custom tour for San Jose State University Environmental Studies Solar Home Design class

August 29, 2018  Lunch talk at Apple for the Apple Earth group

June 9, 2018  Mid-Year International Passive House Days home tour

May 25, 2018  Lunch talk at Rotary Club of Santa Cruz titled, "Inside Look at Transforming an Old House"

May 3, 2018  Custom tour of Midori Haus for Cabrillo College, Energy for a Sustainable Future class.

April 14, 2018  Spring tour at Midori Haus.

February 4, 2018  Book talk at Konko Church of San Francisco.

December 17, 2017  Radio interview on Planet Watch Radio program, KSCO.

December 3, 2017  Midori Haus book talk at Passive House California AGM.

November 26, 2017  Midori Haus book launch party at greenspace Company

November 12, 2017  International Passive House Days open house and tour

October 8, 2017  NAPHN17 tour

September 10, 2017  Custom tour for Lifelong Learner Concept Exchange group

June 17, 2017  Mid-year International Passive House Days open house and tour

February 2, 2017  Citizen Science program at Santa Cruz Public Library

January 29, 2017 KMH Women's Group event

November 13, 2016  International Passive House Days open house and tour

August 12, 2016  KCNA Annual Conference, keynote speech.

August 1, 2016 Custom tour of Midori Haus for participants of US-Denmark Renewable Energy Program, Partnership for International Research and Education Summer 2016 Workshop.

June 25, 2016 Mid-Year International Passive House Days open house and tour

May 9, 2016 Custom tour of Midori Haus for Chuck Mornard's Construction classes Cabrillo College.

April 9, 2016 Public tour of Midori Haus

March 1, 2016 Custom tour of Midori Haus for David Shaw's Permaculture Class at UCSC.

November 15, 2015 International Passive House Days. Open house and public tour of Midori Haus.

​November 13, 2015 Presentation at Building Carbon Zero California Conference. Watch a video of Chie's presentation of Living in a Passive House here.

October 12, 2015  Custom Tour for Chuck Mornard's Green Building Class at Cabrillo College. Topics include Passive House fundamentals, water saving features, energy data, and indoor air quality.

September 25, , 2015  Custom Tour for Benoit Delaveau's Solar Home Design Class at San Jose State University. Topics include Passive House fundamentals, water saving features, energy data, and indoor air quality.

August 26, 2015  Presentation at Space System Loral in Palo Alto titled Planning and Project Management of Net Zero Energy Ready House.

June 27 , 2015  City of Palo Alto's Net Zero Home Energy Workshop.

June 14 , 2015  Public tour and open house of Midori Haus.

May 29, 2015  San Mateo County's Creating a Zero Energy Home Workshop. Event presentation can be downloaded from here.  See Chie's presentation here.

February 20, 2015  Celebration of Millionth Square Meter of Passive House at Midori Haus.

November 9, 2014  International Passive House Days. Open house and public tour of Midori Haus.