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About Midori Haus

Midori (みどり or 緑) is the Japanese word for green.  Haus is the German spelling for house.  This combination of words  express “green home” derives from the Japanese aesthetics that influenced the Arts and Crafts movement in the US about 100 years ago as well as incorporating the current German engineering application of building science through the Passive House Planning Package software.  Japanese and German also happen to be the two languages spoken in our household.

The house was originally built in 1922 in Santa Cruz, California.  Transformed in 2012 to Passive House, we preserved the original footprint and beauty of its Arts and Crafts style as we replaced the infrastructure so that it’s now a comfortable and healthy home.  The transformation was designed by Essential Habitat and built by Santa Cruz Green Builders.

Awards and recognitions include the City of Santa Cruz Green Building Award in 2013, Thousand Home Challenge in 2014, and the Passive House Certification from Passivhaus Institut in Germany.  On a practical side we are realizing and reminded of the benefit through the monthly energy bill from Pacific Gas and Electric that reflects 80% reduction in energy use.  This, by the way, is achieved without using solar electric.